Saturday, September 26, 2009

Leftover Rotis - No Problem !!

I love one pot meals anytime - be it a busy workday or just a lazy weekend when I just dont feel like getting out of my cozy couch !! Dinner gets done quickly with less pots and pans to clean afterwards. Hence I try my best to blend my veggies, protein and carbs in one mighty dish :-) On weekdays we get our carb from rotis and our weekends are mostly reserved for rice. So it was Friday night, I was too tired with all the running around during the week that I didnt have the energy to cook much of a dinner. It clearly was one-pot-dinner time! - as I was racking my brains thinking about what to make for dinner, I noticed I had a few extra rotis left over from the whole week's supply. Call it serendipity but at the same time I remembered my mom making upma out of leftover idlis or even stale bread back home in India when she was in a similar situation. So I figured if idlis can transform into upma why cant rotis. And thats how this roti upma came into existence. Since this was all we are going to have for dinner, I added some veggies along so it would make a filling meal and that it did. We were pretty happy the way it turned out and I plan to add it to my cooking routine...

8 rotis, cut into medium sized pieces
1 small onion
2 tomatoes
2 green chillies
Few curry leaves
3 tsp oil
1 tsp split urad dal
1 tsp jeera (cumin)
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp red chillies (adjust as per taste)
salt to taste
cilantro to garnish

Heat oil in a saute pan.
Add urad dal, jeera, mustard and curry leaves. Let it splutter and urad dal turn golden brown.
Now add green chillies and onion. Saute until the onions are well cooked.
Add tomatoes and cook until the raw smell of tomatoes disappear.
Add turmeric, salt and red chilli powder. Saute for 2 min.
Now add the roti pieces and stir until all the ingredients are well mixed.
Garnish with cilantro.
Serve warm with yogurt.

If you would like, you can break some eggs on the rotis at the final step and mix until the eggs are cooked. If you are from South India, you may recognize the similarity with Kothu Parota except that Kothu Parota is made with Parota instead of rotis.



Preeti Kashyap said...

i make this too...its so yumm to have it as a snack!

Sandhya Hariharan said...

Something very new to me... I make it with any excess bread.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Will b here often...

Rajee said...

Thanks Sandhya & Preeti.